The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamiton

First I have to say I loved, absolutely loved this book; I could be biased because I’m wiccan myself, though. I will say that my experiences on that path would drive most people off of it, I’m Irish though and am stubborn enough to keep going.

Now on to the actual review:

Sophia, as a character, is your typical dabbler, she knows some herb and crystal lore but has never really studied any of the myths and legends that are so prevalent throughout history; so when her ‘friend’ takes her to a place she’s never been in before, suddenly she’s thrown into the true world that exists behind what most consider as ‘reality’. The vampires shown in the book are your generic sang type, with little mention of the other two types out there. Succubi are just another type of vampire actually, one that feeds off of sex instead of blood or pure energy, but I’m getting off topic.

The situation between Sophia and Charles may be considered to be moving very quickly, I disagree. That probably would be true if it’s the first time they’ve met in any lifetime but if they are like myself and my beloved, they have a bond that they can’t and don’t really want to deny.

I honestly was expecting Sophia to know more about the various legends despite living in a small town given that she’s a history buff.  You can’t have it all though, there’s enough dangling points to lead into the next book or 3, we shall see how things turn out for our heroine…

Score: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket.5 out of 5.


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